Sunday, July 19, 2015

Festival offers tiny taste of American West

When we see a poster advertising Journée Américaine in a neighboring town, Ken and I can't pass up the chance to experience how the local French celebrate America.

Basically, the event turns out to be little more than burgers, beverages, bouncy houses and boot-clad dancers. The line dancers, as well as the band, were entertaining. Since C&W is not my thing, and the leftovers back home in the frig whet my appetite more than BBQ on offer, we stay for only an hour, just long enough to take some pictures and appreciate the small crowd's enthusiasm for the U.S.A.

A band performs at Journée Américaine at Lac du Saut du Loup
near Miramont-de-Guyenne, July 19, 2015.

Dancers at Journée Américaine 

Dancers at Journée Américaine

American-inspired duds at Journée Américaine

Wagon rides at Journée Américaine

Harleys at Journée Américaine

Elvis banner at Journée Américaine

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