Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Quelque chose cette semaine (Something this week) part 2

In which I share a short snippet each week throughout 2015

WEEK #26 (25 juin - 1 juillet)

It's been hot here in France. I won't call it "unseasonable," but it's much hotter than it was this time last year or the year before. Ken had the excellent idea of spending some time on the water, so joined by our friends, les canadiens, we canoed a few kilometers of the Dordogne. 

Ian and Susan, fellow North American expats

View from the bow

WEEK #25 (18-24 juin)

After last summer's trip to the Auvergne area of France's Massif Central region, I vowed to explore more of this beautiful area, full of breathtaking views of volcanic landscapes. First up: a hike in Gorges de la Jordanne in the Cantal department. 

Under a bridge in Gorges de la Jordanne

WEEK #24 (11-17 juin)

Last Friday we went to the end of the school year spectacular. Nos deux enfants préférés performed and were brilliant, bien sûr. I include this picture of the le petit roi who stood on his chair blocking my view. But he was cute, so all is forgiven.

WEEK #23 (4-10 juin)

Frederic Brosson, our local honeymaker, invited me to tag along to check his beehives. His website is

Me and les abeilles

WEEK #22 (28 mai - 3 juin)

The weather has been gorgeous with the temperatures reaching the 30s, we've been out and about exploring sites in the Lot-et-Garonne and Dordogne départements. This week I share an impulse item: an adorable colt spotted in a field near Villereal. Très mignon, non?

WEEK #21 (21-27 mai)

It's vide greniers season. One never knows what one will find at these village "old attic" sales.

Barbie bargains at the massive vide greniers in Eymet last weekend.

WEEK #20 (14-20 mai)

Spotted during my return to France, the plane wing offers some good advice: DO NOT WALK OUTSIDE THIS AREA. 

WEEK #19 (7-13 mai)

I celebrated Mother's Day a few days early at the Cheesecake Factory in Reno with Luke, Jake and Jen. Sweet!

WEEK #18 (30 avril - 6 mai)

Being stuck in Paris may sound kind of glamorous, but when my flight was cancelled because a food service truck ran into the plane's door and damaged it, I (and 300 nouveaux amis) were put up for the night at the Ibis near Charles DeGaulle airport. This was the view from my room. Nice, eh? And to top it off, my luggage would be stuck in Paris for another week. 

WEEK #17 (23-29 avril)

We enjoyed some farm visits with our friends les canadiens during this year's annual de Ferme en Ferme weekend.

Un épouvantail greets us at a nearby farm.

WEEK #16 (16-22 avril)

In Pamplona, of course ... Olé!

WEEK #15 (9-15 avril)

We're off to Spain for 11 days, and I'll be writing much more about it in separate posts. For now, here's a moment from our first stop: Burgos.

WEEK #14 (2-8 avril)

We enjoyed a performance by the Leeds University Big Band. It was great to hear some jazz and the vocalists were stand-outs. But alas, the band couldn't hold a candle to the Reno Youth Jazz Orchestra.

I've been publishing quelque chose chaque semaine (something each week). See Part 1 here.

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