Sunday, April 26, 2015

Burgos: Not just another pretty church

Ken and I start our 11-day trip to Spain with an overnight stop in Burgos (pop. 180,000). This historic capital of Castile, and the current capital of the province of Burgos, is located in north central Spain.

Ken, left, at Plaza Santa María in Burgos, Spain

Statue in Burgos, Spain

After checking in, and miraculously finding free parking on the street in front of the hotel, we head across the puente Santa María and pass through the the Renaissance archway built for the first entrance of Emperor Charles V in the 14th century. 

We stop for a much-needed refreshment (cerveza for Ken, vino tinto for me.) The plaza in which we sit is dominated by the massive Catedral de Burgos. With just a little arm twisting, I convince Ken to tour the cathedral after we check out the rest of the old city.

Fountain in Plaza Mayor, Burgos, Spain 

Building façade in Burgos, Spain

Doorway in Burgos, Spain

Somebody, left, still reads newspapers.

The incredibly detailed audio tour of the cathedral is rivaled only by the ornate, over-the-top architectural details of the church itself. It is Gothic on steroids. Commissioned by Costa del Sol Emperor Ferdinand III, construction started in 1221 and was completed in 1567. 

Catedral de Burgos

Nuns in Plaza Santa María, Burgos, Spain

Ornate, ¿sí?

If my jaw weren't in the way, I could take better notes, but alas these pictures of the cathedral's interior must speak for themselves.

Golden altar in Burgos Cathedral

Interior detail in Burgos Cathedral

Vehicle of some sort in Burgos Cathedral

Altar in Burgos Cathedral

Ceiling in Burgos Cathedral

Contemporary statue in Burgos Cathedral

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