Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gasconnades gives village something to brag* about

Sunday was the biggest day of the year for our little village. The 20th annual Lauzun Gasconnades started with a huge vide greniers.

Setting aside our usual two-euro limit, Ken and I scored, among other items, unbreakable dishes for repas du rues (street meals), a set of American Westerns in French on VHS (compatible with our European player), some cassettes for the car (we're evidently living in the 1980s), an Irish cookbook and two dictionaries (one children's French, one pocket-size Spanish-English).

Later that evening, more than 450 guests feasted on pâté de campagne, confit de canard and a special anniversary gâteau. Plenty of wine and a great dance orchestre rounded out the evening. We even stayed up late enough to see a few shooting stars. 

*I had incorrectly assumed the word gasconnades had something to do with gastronomy, but it actually means "boast" or "brag." Vive dictionairies!

A standing circle of musicians
entertains bargain-hunters
throughout the afternoon.

My honey enjoys a honey
pastry from the honey stand. 

Lauzun's main street sparkles
as the sun sets.
Seats for the evening repas gascon 
sold out. 

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