Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bastid'art, with clowns and accordions, bien sûr!

Circo Bocabajo, from Spain and Argentina
Last weekend was Miramont de Guyenne's 19th annual Bastid'art. A miniature three-day version of Reno's Artown, the arts festival featured international music, dance, theater, and circus/acrobatic acts, most of them free.

We stopped by for a few hours on Sunday and caught some of the entertainment.

As an aside, after several years of helping produce Artown's Little Book, I can appreciate the work that went into the Bastid'art handy guide. Bien fait!

Circo Bocabajo, from Spain and Argentina
Circo Bocabajo, from Spain and Argentina

Alchymere, from the Haute-Garonne, France 
Alchymere, from the
Haute-Garonne, France  

From Italy, Mattatoio

From Italy, Mattatoio Sospeso
From Italy, Mattatoio Sospeso

Les FrHaven acrobats from
Alpes Maritimes, France 
Les FrHaven acrobats from Alpes Maritimes, France 

Bulles de Zinc from Loire
Atlantique, France
Clown/mime  Roland Zee,
from Paris
Little Mouth, a folk/rock duo from Landes, France

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