Wednesday, July 31, 2013

One man's pacotille (junk) could be our trésor

Summer Sundays in France compel us to comb through vide greniers, brocantes, and boot sales for treasures. Seems every village has at least one vide grenier (empty attic sale) this time of year, so we usually can hit one or two every weekend.

Ken and I have a short list of things we are seeking: a set of unbreakable dishes to bring to repas du rues, a mortar and pestle, a lazy Susan for my spice cabinet, a cast-iron frying pan sans rust. We never actually find these things, but we still keep looking. And once in awhile, we find a treasure we didn't even realize we wanted.

We've set a limit of five euros for these unexpected trésors. Last spring I found an unusual candélabre for 1 euro, as well as a water-pump-shaped planter (2 euros), a set of dessert plates (25 centimes), and a handmade bowl (50 centimes) that now houses my polished rock collection. (Yes, I have a polished rock collection.)

A few weeks ago, we visited a brocante in Eymet. Rather than the usual mishmash of objects akin to those found at American garage sales, this sale featured higher-end antiques. Think: plus cher (more expensive).

All we brought home that day were these pictures. But, quel plaisir!

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