Saturday, July 20, 2013

Celebrating the Fourth in France

I've been with Ken for three decades and I can't ever recall hearing him suggest, "Hey, let's have a party." Inexplicably finding himself with patriotic fervor, he decided we should celebrate the Fourth of July by inviting our new French friends (along with a couple of Brits) to have a beer at our local bar. Ken did it all ... he let Jean Paul know what time we'd be there and asked to run a tab. He created the invitations and revised them with the help of our neighbor M. Dubley. He hand-delivered the invitations, which featured a picture of General Lafayette, and was a jolly host to the dozen or so guests who showed up.

The next day, the Lauzun Tourism Office mentioned us on its Facebook page, and we're already planning next' year's fête,

"I just wanted to show the French how grateful we are for their help in the Revolution," Ken explains. 

As for our British friends, bygones, eh?  

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