Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mid-summer scenery

I continue to practice my new (re-learned) photography skills. My Fuji comes with me wherever I go. Here are some photographs I took this past week that remind me that autumn is just around the corner.

Natural frames: A field viewed through a row of trees
A little dab of color: A vine in Couze-et-St-Front
Berry nice: On the ground at the entrance to Grottes de Lastournelle
Late flowers: This sunflower field is still vibrant. 
Sad flowers: Most of the field of sunflowers this time of year look like this.
Gone flowers: Many fields of tournesols already have been harvested.


  1. I lived for a school year in Bergerac after graduation from college in 1972. I returned t my home here in Memphis, Tennessee in July, 1973, so enriched from the fabulous experience! I have not been back to Bergerac. I must begin to make plans to go back...my husband adores la belle et douce France. Thank you for the beautiful photos and the commentary ! Perhaps we shall meet one day !!

    1. Salut frenchrunner, Thanks so much for the comment. We love living here. Our village is about a half-hour from Bergerac, and we go there to shop at the big stores (or to have Indian food) every so often. These stores are probably what you would notice as one of the biggest changes since you lived here. Their inevitable rise has caused the demise of many small village businesses. What a shame. Bergerac itself is still lovely, though. When you come for a visit ... and you must! ... please let me know.

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