Friday, January 23, 2015

Mézin around

My friend Viviane and I continue our little road trip through the Lot-et-Garonne with a stop in Mézin on the southwest border of the department, about 14 km from Nérac.

Église Saint Jean-Baptise in Mézin

Mézin’s boulangerie

Mézin (pop. 1,523 in 2007) shares a history similar to other medieval villages in the area with its monastic roots and a role in the Wars of Religion. After the French Revolution, the village thrived, thanks to its wine and cork production. The town also spawned a French president: Fallières Armand, President of the Republic from 1906 to 1913, is Mézin’s most famous native son.

Monument in Mézin dedicated to Fallières Armand, President
of France (1906-1913)

Mézin’s war memorial

Interior of Église Saint Jean-Baptise in Mézin

Mural on the side of the house in which Fallières Armand
was born on Nov. 6, 1841 in Mézin

There are pros and cons to off-season touring. Plus: No crowds. Minus: Many of the most prominent attractions are closed this time of year. In Mézin, that attraction is Musée de liège et du bouchon. I’ve added the cork museum to my places to visit when it’s open between April 1 and October 31. Find out about the museum here.

Hôtel de Ville in Mézin

Detail of the cross in front of Église Saint Jean-Baptise in Mézin

Looking up in Mézin

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