Friday, November 21, 2014

Brief stops in two tiny towns: Douzains and Ségalas

Veering off the main roads and checking out tiny villages is a favorite pastime. Often these are places with no cafés, boulangeries or tobacs, much less tourist offices. My philosophy: take pictures now and seek information later. Here are some pretty pictures of two villages I often ride through sur mon vélo.


Tucked in the hills between Lauzun and Castillonnes, Douzains has a population of 288 (in the 2009 census). About a quarter of the village’s 168 homes are second vacation homes. It’s all uphill getting here, but oh my, what views!

Bienvenue à Douzains

Statue in Douzains

View from Douzains

View from Douzains

A pretty house on the outskirts of Douzains

Monument in Douzains

A large stone house in Douzains

L’église in Douzains

Douzains is on the Circuit Pruniers d’Ente.


Bienvenue à Ségalas

There were 164 residents of Ségalas in 2007 (down from 168 the prior year). Of the 112 homes here, 29 are second vacation homes. The village is part of the township of Lauzun and is another uphill ride. One notable feature is the sundial clock on the side of the church.

An ancient structure in Ségalas

An attractive new building in Ségalas

Église Saint-Vincent Ségalas

Sundial on the side of the church in Ségalas

Weather vane in Ségalas

Mairie in Ségalas

Charming house near Ségalas

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