Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Maybe they were praying to find a man

There is never a shortage of churches in France. This one, Église Saint-Léger, located near Saint-Pardoux-Issac, caught my eye while on a bike ride last month. Ken and I were trying a new route home, sur nos vélos, to avoid some hills and traffic. (Feel free to give a hearty "hah!" when I use the term "traffic," because I actually mean the half dozen or so cars that may have passed us. Often I see no cars at all on bike rides, especially when I ride during the lunch hours.) 

L'église Saint-Léger dates from the 13th century and was restored in 1992. It is now locked up tight, but the sign at its gate says that at one time, the church contained a wooden statue where femme jeunes célibataires (young single women) would gather. They'd light candles and pray; if the candles went out then it was a sign they would find husbands.

Alrighty, then!

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