Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer of (motherly) love

Yes, readers and friends, there is life after Paris, although it may not seem so if you rely on this blog to track what I'm doing. (Ooh ... that sounds a little stalky. Hopefully you are following me, but not "following" me)

Now that we're a whole week into summer, here's a synopsis of what I've been up to. One of our sons is visiting this summer and Ken and I are thoroughly enjoying having him here. Not only is he a great excuse for touristing and a terrific walking and biking partner, but he also gives us someone else to talk to about poltitics, pop culture, and other American stuff.

Château de Milandes
Last week, we spent a day in the Perigord Noir region, about 90 minutes from home. Our first stop was Château de Milandes, the longtime home of legendary American expat jazz singer, dancer, comedian and spy Josephine Baker. I'm ashamed to admit that I knew next to nothing about this fascinating woman's life prior to my visit to Milandes. Luckily, the attraction has an excellent website and provides a hefty tourist guide to visitors upon arrival.

Château de Milandes

Next, we popped over to the tranquil, but underwhelming, Éco-Musée de la Noix, a family-owned farm and museum dedicated to all-natural walnut products including d'huile de noix bio (organic walnut oil).

Our third stop: Les jardins suspendus de Marqueyssac.

The hanging gardens of Marqueyssac

In addition to the whimsical topiary-art hedges (there are 150,000 boxwoods in the garden, all hand-pruned), the winding garden trails lead to an amazing panoramic view of the Dordogne valley.

View of the Dordogne valley from the gardens of Marqueyssac

Rather than repeat what I've written on another of my blogs, Lot of Livin', which I write for the AngloINFO Dordogne website, I invite you to take a look:

Bon été!

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