Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pas de paradis, mais pas mal!

I dedicate today's post to an old friend who recently used the word "idyllic" to describe my life here in France. For those who assume I get up each morning, down some champagne and a bowl of escargots before artfully wrapping a colorful silk scarf around my necking, donning a smart chapeau and heading to the café for a lively discussion of président Hollande's latest affair, let me just say, "Hah!"

Winter in this part of rural France can be, quite frankly, boring. We  have some travel plans for next month, but for now, we spend our days studying French and wasting an alarming about of time watching TV (French and British), playing games on computer (I've racked up more than 2.5 million points in Spider Solitare!) and thinking about what to have for dinner. 

Last weekend, however, our village hosted two events: the grand opening of a new gas station and a muddy bike race that passed by chez nous

During these often rainy and somewhat less than idyllique journées d'hiver, we are, overall, heureux, satisfait, and very grateful to have missed out on the polar vortex. Keep warm, mes amis!

Look! It's Lauzun's own Tour Eiffel!

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