Saturday, June 29, 2013

Don't blink at the Tour de France

The Tour de France doesn't pass anywhere near our little corner of France this year, but in honor of the race, I am sharing some memories of l'an dernier (last year), when Ken, our son Luke, and I went to Cahors to see the bikers race through town.

History-rich Cahors is bordered on three sides by the River Lot, and the beautiful Pont Valentré is the town's main landmark.

After some morning sightseeing, we situated ourselves in front of the Tower of Pope John XXII, where the TV crews were setting up. 

The pregame show featured a parade of elaborate sponsors' floats and goodies tossed into the crowds lining the street. We scored some flags, shirts and (oh, goodie!) foam fingers to wave.

Eventually, the racers zipped by, allowing just enough time to snap a couple of pictures.

Then it was on to a late lunch, where the day's highlight (for me) occured: Our French waitress was a student at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania ... in the small town where I grew up. Une telle coïncidence!

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  1. I can't stand to watch the Tour de France anymore. Lance Armstrong ruined it for me. I'm still so disappointed by him. He was our hero for a long time.